Helping the Church Communicate
Linking Parishes, Dioceses and People
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Communicating Well
The Church is in the business of Communicating --- to God (through Jesus Christ) to the world, to you and me. And it does reasonably well in most of these ways.

In these days of electronic communication, the Church can learn from the advances made by secular agencies, especially in websites, email, and conferencing. Throughout the world, millions are using the web, iPhones, email, and the electronic media to communicate effectively and instantly. The Church needs to be at the forefront of all of this, since we are in the Communication business.

FirstClass, a Canadian communication company, pioneered much of the electronic communication for schools, colleges, and universities. In 1995, a Lambeth Conference committee decided to use FirstClass as their prime example of communication for the Church, and demonstrated it at the 1998 Lambeth Conference at Canterbury England. Since then, a number of dioceses and churches have utilized software from FirstClass as their prime communication system.

Using FirstClass software, a diocese can create a diocesan owned diocesan controlled communication system which networks all parishes, priests, committee members, secretaries, wardens, and church members into one communication hub, allowing private Email, Instant Chat, parish websites, committee conferences, and diocesan media communication.

For more information, and for demonstrations, contact Fr.Ron Barnes

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