Helping the Church Communicate
Linking Parishes, Dioceses and People
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How a Diocese can Communicate well:

These days, every diocese and many parish churches have their own websites. this is good, because the information about the Diocese is immediately available to every enquirer, including information for parish wardens, people, and of course, the priest. Good Diocesan websites include a may detailing all the churches, showing locations, times of services, etc. Dioceses contract with website builders, and pay fairly high prices monthly, as well as costs for changing, adding and maintaining the diocesan website.

What is needed is a way for a diocesan webside to connect to every priest and every parish, in a confidential way, allowing the priests (etc) to be involved in a two way (or more) dialogue with the diocese, without involving the website providers, and without involving extra costs. In other words, it isn't enough just to tell the world what is happening --- there needs to be a way to involve clergy etc in two way dialogue, sharing information digitally, while keeping it confidential.

FirstClass allows this, in fact, is very good at it. FirstClass can do this without changing the diocesan website in any way, nor disturbing parish websites. This cross connection is what makes FirstClass the ideal solution to communication in a diocese --- it allows freedom of 2 way communication, anytime, anyplace, and keeps it private.

For more information, contact Fr.Ron Barnes at ronb@nwnet.org or 778-214-4551

 Last Modified: 30 August,2014